7″ Round Plate (Sugarcane Bagasse)

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Stylish premium eco plate. Stronger than paper and polystyrene. Great for hot or cold and sturdy enough to load up with food. Bagasse is recycled sugarcane fibre. Sleek white and embossed with Leafarms. Award-winning quality by Leafarms. Commercially compostable where available.

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Leafarms Round Plate are the perfect alternative to paper, plastic, and styrofoam tableware. This Eco-Dinnerware is handcrafted from Bagasse which is recycled sugarcane fibre, which is gathered, cleaned and heat pressed and the process uses no chemicals or waxes.

It is 100% natural and unlike bamboo Plates, wooden and paper plates, no tree is harmed to manufacture the Bagasse plates. Your guests will rave about them, and what’s not to love, the Bagasse plates are:

  • Eco-friendly
  • 100% Compostable
  • Natural aroma and plain texture
  • Microwave-safe and safe for baking
  • Refrigerator safe and leakproof
  • Elegant Chic Tableware
  • No chemicals or binders are used in the production
  • Do not bend or deform under heavyweight

So if you have guests for dinner and are thinking of serving the typical American dinner consisting of bread, salmon, baked beans, tater tots, fajitas, pizza or meatloaf etc, this is your go-to size.

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